• Nadine Amine
  • Nadine Amine

    Esthetic and Restorative Dentist

    Who am I?


    Dr. Nadine Amine. I'm a dentist specialised in restorative and esthetic dentistry at the Lebanese University. I'm interested in continuous education and i attend conferences in Lebanon and around the world, the most recent one being "Aesthetic Excellence Hands on course" with Dr. Gurel. I also have attended the Beirut International Dental Meetings from 2014 till today, and i don't miss a chance to learn anything new!


    Why Book an appointment with me?


    My passion in life is seeing people smile with confidence. I handle full mouth rehabilitation treatments which have a huge impact on my patients' life and well being. According to my patients, i'm a perfectionist, which might be hard in personal life but is such a plus for a dentist,  as our work is very meticulous and requires an artistic touch. I'm honored that my patients trust me and my work enormously, and we always establish mutually respectful and amicable relationships.

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