• Maia Ayoub
  • Maia Ayoub

    Pedodontist, Occlusodontist

    Who am I?


    Since 2005, I have been a pediatric dentist. I graduated from St. Josef University with a master's degree in pediatric dentistry and a DU in TMJ disorders.


    I started collaborating with Lounge Dental Clinic as pediatric dentist and TMJ expert since 2005 in addition to maintaining my own private practice. Along with handling dentistry for Sesobel, a group of 200 people with special needs, I also work at the military hospital.


    Why Book an appointment with me?


    In terms of my job at the military hospital and Sesobel, I administer several procedures under general anesthesia, especially for patients with unique needs. Children under the age of six receive a complete mouth treatment for 20 minutes, while older children and individuals with special needs receive a full mouth treatment for 45 minutes.


    Time management and effectiveness, in my opinion, are essential when working with children. In a clinic or hospital setting, particularly when doing treatments under general anesthesia, this is what distinguishes one pediatric dentist from another.


    Dealing with children requires more than just patience and being entertaining. It also involves understanding child psychology and effectively communicating with both the children and their parents.

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