• Georgio Zeidan
  • Georgio Zeidan


    Who am I?


    I'm Dr. Georgio Zeidan, a dedicated dentist with a DDS degree and a specialization in restorative dentistry, esthetics, and prosthodontics. My journey in dentistry led me to graduate from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. In addition to my academic achievements, I proudly serve as a resident in the Removable Prosthodontics Department at the same university, where I have the privilege of guiding and mentoring undergraduate students. My passion for staying at the forefront of dental innovation has driven me to attend various advanced courses, including a Digital Smile Design seminar in Dubai, along with courses in digital dentistry and guided surgery, all of which enrich my expertise in delivering state-of-the-art dental care.


    Why Book an appointment with me?


    My specialization enables me to address a broad spectrum of dental cases, from the intricacies of crafting a single crown to the complexity of full mouth rehabilitations. My focus extends to patients facing partial or full edentulism, offering tailored solutions such as tooth-supported or implant-supported dentures and bridges. Moreover, my commitment to providing specialized care to the elderly, based on my extensive experience and residency in the Removable Prosthodontics Department, ensures that every patient receives the attention and support they deserve.


    In my dedication to patient’s well-being, I go the extra mile by offering at-home dental treatments for those who may have difficulty visiting the clinic, ensuring their access to quality dental care. This overall approach allows me to build strong, personal relationships with my patients, offering them comfort and reassurance throughout their treatment journey, whether it spans just a few appointments or several months. I believe that it's this unwavering commitment to personalized, patient-centered care that truly sets me apart as a dentist at Lounge Dental Clinic, making me the ideal choice for individuals seeking both expertise and compassion in their dental care.

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