• Christine Sebaaly
  • Christine Sebaaly

    General Dentist

    Who am I?


    Christine Al Sebaaly, a General Dentist, graduated from Lebanese University in 2019. I regularly attend dental conferences, online courses, and DSD residency events to stay updated on dental advancements. I also participate in online webinars on minimal invasive dentistry and digital technology. I'm excited to go to additional conferences where I can learn and develop in order to provide my patients with excellent, compassionate dental care that will improve their oral health.


    Why Book an appointment with me?


    I am dedicated to providing personalized care for patients. I emphasize oral hygiene, offer guidance on brushing and flossing, diagnose common dental conditions, and offer a range of treatments like dental fillings, crowns, and esthetic restorations. I also refer patients to specialists when needed. My friendly approach combined with my compassion guarantees honest dialogue and a thorough comprehension of treatment options. Trust is the foundation of my practice, and I strive to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

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