• Jessica Youssef
  • Jessica Youssef


    Who am I?


    I am Jessica Youssef, I Graduated from Université Saint Joseph in 2015 and completed my postgraduate degree in Prosthodontics(CES) in September 2018.


    I worked locally and abroad since 2015 and passed the SCFHS exam for prosthodontists in 2021.

    Attended multiple conferences and seminars in Lebanon and abroad, most recently I’ve attended Seoul International Dental exhibition in May 2023 and completed the Professional Implant Seminar “Hands on Advanced” of OSSTEM IMPLANT in Seoul, South Korea in May 2023.


    Why Book an appointment with me?


    During my career I have dealt with many different cases and with all types of people from different nationalities. My calm demeanor has always been a positive influence on my anxious patients who always feel more relaxed about the dental treatment. The sentence that all my colleagues hear “I hate going to the dentist” seems to disappear after my patients’ visits. I promise to do my best to give you a great, stress-free experience at Lounge Dental Clinic. We cannot wait to see you and offer you the best possible treatment at our clinic.

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