• Tatiana Bou Sakr
  • Tatiana Bou Sakr


    Who am I?


    I pursued my dentistry studies at Saint-Joseph University (USJ), where I not only completed my undergraduate degree but also pursued a master's degree in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry. Presently, I hold a teaching position, instructing third-grade dental students at USJ.


    Why Book an appointment with me?


    In my role as a dentist, I am deeply committed to ensuring my patients receive the utmost care and a superior dental experience. It's my priority to deliver optimal dental treatments while fostering an exceptional dentist-patient relationship. My approach is defined by a keen attention to detail and a genuine desire to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for each patient. I believe in welcoming them with a warm smile and addressing any inquiries they may have, providing thorough explanations of upcoming procedures until they feel completely at ease. This personalized approach helps to build trust and comfort, making the overall dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible for my patient.

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